At OMNI, we don’t sell staffing, we are here to help you find solutions to give you the daily flexibility to keep you from being over or under-staffed. To be 100% accurate in staffing is a tough job. OMNI is there to give you the options and solutions to be as close to 100% in your staffing accuracy as possible.

We’ll save you time and money as well as be there for you to ensure the staffing goes as smooth as possible on a daily basis. Whether you need one or one hundred we can show you how.

Pick up the phone or use our contact form so we can get to know you, and find out what staffing values are important to you, so we can provide solutions and options to improve your organization’s staffing productivity. You need options, we can help.

If you have any questions about Temps and Staffing, we’d love to show you some solutions that have worked for our clients over the years. You can reach us directly through our contact form button below, or calling us at 781-982.JOBS (5627).



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