In today’s highly competitive world, your company doesn’t have the time to find, screen, evaluate and hire top candidates on your own, especially with the potential that they don’t work out. Your job is dependent on getting employees who are a perfect fit and hit the ground running with immediate production and success. You just can’t risk failure.

This is where OMNI’s recruitment service comes to the rescue.

We work with you to determine how you define a successful employee, then we go out and find the exact “best” candidate to meet your needs. Many recruiting firms claim to do this, but OMNI doesn’t stop there…

Before you lay eyes on the candidate, they are specifically recruited for your needs to ensure they become rapidly productive, and key members of your team. OMNI searches and finds your candidates, then vets them through interviews, screening and backgrounds checks. When we bring you a candidate, you can rest assured we’ve done your homework, and are sending you quality, quality, quality. We guarantee it. Your hiring risk is minimized, and you keep only those candidates who are the “Best of the Best”, so your retention rate is maximized.

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